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Our Vision

Underserved schools in Nepal and India are always in shortage of qualified teachers. What if these schools were to be equipped with technology to enable kids to learn on their own? Under the guidance of a qualified supervisor, they would learn through free access to educational platforms like Khan Academy with some initial support to get them started. It is budget-effective and convenient to set up, and once up-and-running, this system can be run independently by each school with minimal support. With a relatively small budget, we could bring quality education to many children from underserved communities.

Our Goal

To bring quality education to underserved children in Nepal and India.

Year One: Start three pilot programs one each with a public, a private and a home school settings to learn and strengthen the engagement model that would suit all situations. Serve up-to 25 students with at least 4 student from each setting.

Year Two: Expand the program to total 100+ students.

How can you help?

You can help in multiple ways. Please check out here.

Latest project

Divine Yog Gurukul

Machhegaun, Chandragiri Nepal​

We are working with a handful of children, studying in a gurukul system, an ancient Indian education system where kids live a completely independent life under the guidance of a guru, for our pilot program. The small number of students will allow us to test the framework we have designed and evolve it as needed. The students at the gurukul come from poor families from remote parts of Nepal. The Gurukul provides them with basic education, room and board but is struggling to provide a structured, quality education. Our program aims to bridge the gap with access to quality online education.

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