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Divine Yog Gurukul

Machhegaun, Chandragiri Nepal​

We are working with a handful of children, studying in a gurukul system, an ancient Indian education system where kids live a completely independent life under the guidance of a guru, for our pilot program. The small number of students will allow us to test the framework we have designed and evolve is as needed. The students at the gurukul come from poor families from remote parts of Nepal. The Gurukul provides them with basic education, room and board but is struggling to provide a structured, quality education. Our program aims to bridge the gap with access to quality online education.



Shree Janavikash Secondary School

Balkhu, Kathmandu Nepal

Shree Janavikash Secondary School is a government school serving children of labor class migrant family who are struggling to make their end meets. 

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Meher Academy

Kichhocha, India

Set in a very remote part of UP, India where access to quality education is very limited, Meher Academy was established in 20XX by Sumbul Javed in a one room mud hut attached to her home. Single handedly she is now serving 100+ kids with nominal tuition fees but with high quality education. We will be honored to provide any help she needs to sustain her selfless effort.




Online platform

TheDrishtikone is a media platform that aims to provide quality, educational and uniquely relevant socio-cultural content to empower, educate and entertain the Nepali diaspora.


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